Wednesday, 16 June 2010

And so the fun begins!

Well here it is, all unpacked and ready to get started. There is actually not quite as much wood as I thought which is somewhat comforting! My DIY skills are really terrible. I even had to meet with my head teacher, head of year and form tutor to make a case to drop technology as a GCSE. Needless to say, they agreed.

I am particularly impressed with the windows that I got with the kit. They open and close and I love anything with attention to detail.

Speaking of attention to detail, have a look at the doors that were supplied with the kit! They are brilliant...

Finally, I have something that will make you chuckle. Without sounding like a broken record... my DIY skills blah blah blah...check out the instructions (the only instructions...)

Oh dear. Well, here goes...



  1. Looking forward to watching this develop. :)

  2. Thank you, Christine! I will keep this blog updated :)