Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas goodies!

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a lovely, relaxed Christmas. I just thought I'd share with you all what miniatures I received yesterday.

Everything above is from the Dolls House Emporium. The above items (in case you fancy them, too) are:

1. Letter box (non opening)
2. Door Plates and Knobs x2
3. Blue and White Jardiniere
4. Granny's Washtub
5. Angel Shelf Sitter
6. Queen Victoria Figurine Teapot
7. Sculptured Bust of Queen Victoria
8. Decorative Coal Shuttle
9. Hinges and Pins, 4 pieces
10. Bride and Groom Picture
11. Twelve larder packets

Here are some close ups of my favourite items:

The items are going to be spread between Wentworth Court and The Curiosity Shop. I'm glad I got the details for the shop front door because now I have no excuse to crack on and get it fixed! I'm also particularly glad I received new hinges as I'm afraid to admit I through the original fixtures away in a flash of bad temper! If anyone can recommend an easier way to do the hinges- please do!

I also received some wallpapers which I shall use in the bathroom and bedroom of the Curiosity Shop. For some reason, on the photos they appear textured- I can state that they are not. The wallpapers are 'Pink Victorian Cameo Wallpaper' and 'Blue Rose Pattern Wallpaper'. I have a huge affinity to the Victorian era for reasons unknown so I simply had to include nods to that era in the Curiosity Shop since Wentworth Court (Georgian era) couldn't possibly allow me to indulge!

Finally, I received a print out sheet of pretty things like boxes, Christmas cards, shop signs etc.
This is called 'Victoriana Cut-Out Sheet'.

Did any of you receive anything nice?

Have a lovely new year!

Friday, 23 December 2011

I'm branching out with technology!

Hey guys!

Welcome to my newest follower, Patricia :D

There's this thing called 'Pinterest' which is like an amalgamation between facebook/twitter and a regular blog. Basically, you can 'pin' things that interest you and I decided to set one up for miniatures on my wish list!

If you fancy joining, there is a short waiting list (I think I applied a week ago and I'm set up now).

Anyway, if you fancy having a peep- follow me at:

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I have no idea if that link works- please tell me if it doesn't!


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my lovely followers!

The picture above is the dining room from Wentworth Court. It was my first adult dollshouse and the decoration was rather rushed due to my impatience (we've all been there) but hey! The first house is always a special one.

The little vases on the fire place actually belonged to my mother-in-law's great grandma who had them in her dolls house all those years ago! The cake you can see on the table was made myself with polmer clay and the basset hound on the floor pays homage to my mother-in-law's own basset hounds- Boo and Larry. I'm actually a cat person and Wentworth Court is full of cats so I decided to get a dog to even things out!

I've seen some gorgeous felt animals which I'd love:

This is simply fabulous and think it would look great in the Curiosity Shop! This pussy cat can be bought from for a bargain £30! I also have my eye on the taxidermy stuff which, again, would look FAB in the shop. I'm a vegetarian in real life and would rather run over hot coals than have a stuffed moose head on my wall but for some reason- I really want it in my dolls house!

After Xmas, it's full steam ahead! Expect more posts and more progress!

Finally, I hope you all have a super Christmas and NY!

See you soon!


Thursday, 15 December 2011


Hey guys!

So sorry for the length of times between posts. You know how it is with these things-sometimes it can be slow process.

ALSO, massive hello to my new followers!

Just to let you know where I am now with the Curiosity Shop. I've started on the bathroom! I purchased these lovely floor tiles from an ebay seller (called 'gugbug') a while back and over the Xmas holidays I'm going to start looking at laying them.

This is how it will look :) ^^

I think it creates a gorgeous effect. The tiles themselves are hardy enough, especially since they're plastic, not actual tile.

Anyway, I shall update you on my progess! Santa is also bringing me a few goodies for both the Curiosity Shop and Wentworth Court so I will show you those things too!

Actually, since it's nearly Xmas- I may post some pictures of my Wentworth Court as it's Xmas in there, too :P Although you will have to forgive my sloppiness- it was my first house and I rushed the decorating because I was so excited!

Post soon!


P.S I've already painted the ceiling in this room! Result!