Thursday, 15 December 2011


Hey guys!

So sorry for the length of times between posts. You know how it is with these things-sometimes it can be slow process.

ALSO, massive hello to my new followers!

Just to let you know where I am now with the Curiosity Shop. I've started on the bathroom! I purchased these lovely floor tiles from an ebay seller (called 'gugbug') a while back and over the Xmas holidays I'm going to start looking at laying them.

This is how it will look :) ^^

I think it creates a gorgeous effect. The tiles themselves are hardy enough, especially since they're plastic, not actual tile.

Anyway, I shall update you on my progess! Santa is also bringing me a few goodies for both the Curiosity Shop and Wentworth Court so I will show you those things too!

Actually, since it's nearly Xmas- I may post some pictures of my Wentworth Court as it's Xmas in there, too :P Although you will have to forgive my sloppiness- it was my first house and I rushed the decorating because I was so excited!

Post soon!


P.S I've already painted the ceiling in this room! Result!

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