Saturday, 4 December 2010

Exterior: Step One

So, here it is. As promised, I've made a start!

I covered the front and sides (I will do the back too but not today) with matt emulsion paint from Wilkinsons. The paint pots are only 97p each (!!) and the shade I selected was 'Pearl Grey'. I was recommended Wilko's from a lovely person on the Dolls House Emporium forum and even though they said I would only need one pot, me, being overly cautious, bought three. That person was so right, I haven't even reached the end of one pot. However, by the time I do the back it will probably be close to empty. I don't think I need to do the roof yet as the paint is purely there to look like grouting when I use the brick compound. If I like the brick compound, I am planning to get a roof one so probably won't need to paint it at all.

The more I'm looking, the more purple it appears, which isn't good! Perhaps it's because a) the lighting in my bedroom is awful and b) I have purple walls.

The one thing I didn't do was paint onto a base. After much deliberation, and a touch of impatience, I decided to just paint straight onto the wood. I did do a test first on my spare wood and it dried fine. Some people recommended that I do a base of 50:50 pva glue and water, whereas others said they have never done that and it worked fine. I must say, I'm in the second camp.

I think that if you're painting your house for the exterior, it might be wise to use a base in order to bring out the best colour, but for me- the only purpose the paint serves is a base for the brick compound and to appear like grouting.

I really recommend the taster pots from Wilkinson's- the colour comes out evenly and they are really cheap!

I'm just waiting for my sprays to arrive from Bromley Craft Products and I can crack on with the exterior. Guess what I did? I ordered another varnish, even though I have one! How silly of me!


  1. Great start! I can't believe how cheap your paints are - what a bonus. It doesn't look mauve in the picture if that helps.

  2. haha! Thanks, Christine. I got my mum to have a look and she said it's definitely grey! I know, the paints are an absolute bargain and they are that price all the time so stock up now! :D