Thursday, 15 July 2010

How exciting! A commission for my house!


Apologises the the delay in an updated post, but you all know what it's like with Dolls Houses- it can be such a slow process!

I have some very exciting news- I have asked Julie Campbell from Bellabelle Dolls to commission me a couple of dolls for the Curiosity Shop. I know it's pretty unusual to have the dolls before the house is complete but in this case, I want to complete my house around the dolls- after all, it is their shop! I want an elderly couple and couldn't think of anyone better than Julie to make the dolls for me. As she is so in demand, the dolls won't be ready until November so unfortunately, I won't have any pictures until then but do be sure to pop back later!

Check out her websites- she's amazing! Just check out Captain Jack Sparrow above!


  1. It will be really worth the wait!

  2. I cant wait to work on your special couple, I'm so looking forward to seeing your shop progress too, I have a thing about shops, I have 3 mini shops and a pub, no houses !
    julie xxx

  3. Ooh, I just love your little shop, Julie! I've looked at the blog a few times and could spend hours reading it. I'm currently trying to source the best wallpaper for mine... :D

  4. Lookig forward to your couple arriving :) I think it makes perfect sense to have the dolls first so it becomes their home.

  5. Yes, absolutely Christine! I will post photos the moment they arrive :)