Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Dolls House Emporium's New Catalogue

Oooh, how exciting! The post man dropped my shiny, new catalogue off today and what a catalogue it is!

There's so much I wish to buy from there and I am getting frustrated by the lack of slow progress surrounding my Curiosity Shop. You all know what it's like with miniatures though, sometimes your money simply has to go elsewhere! I can't wait for my next installment of my student loan to arrive as I will have enough money to really start the decorating then.

There are a few things in terms of decorating that I have my eye on from the DHE. I did want to show you put they haven't come in on the website yet! It's basically 'Arts and Crafts Floor Tiles' and they will look lovely.

However, I did order one thing off ebay today (I am supposed to be saving for my holiday to Morocco next week, but shhh... ) I bought a little street sign for the exterior when it is completed. You can pick your own street name which is just lovely, so I called mine 'Ruby Street' after my faithful companion, Ruby. (She's the cat you can see when I reply to comments).

I have chosen the middle design. It cost £4.99 with free p+p and was from an ebay seller 'smallerhomes'. He is classed as a top rated seller and has 100% positive feedback which is great. Now I just need to complete the front of the house! Pictures to follow shortly :D

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