Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Hey guys, Have you all had a look at the printable websites? They're absolutely brilliant. I have used Jennifer's Printables before for a room box and the quality is very good if you have a decent printer and use heavier paper. Here are some ideas I have for the Curiosity Shop. The wallpapers are generally going to be Victorian prints- except maybe a couple of rooms where the occupants have afforded to redecorate! I want something to reflect the Edwardian era but still have echos of the Victorian times past, as this is accurate. After all- when can any of us afford to do the whole house when something new comes into fashion? hee hee. The following prints are available at: www.jennifersprintables.com

There's also the delightful Jim's Printables which can be found at: http://www.printmini.com/printables I can't ever work the link button so many apologies!

Some examples include:

And for those of you working on modern projects:

Until next time- enjoy!

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