Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ivy from Templewood Miniatures

I recently ordered some lovely little ivy DIY kits from Templewood Miniatures. It's the first time I've ordered from there and I must say, I was more than pleased with the service. The lady emailed me and said she was away so there would be a slight delay on my order (that was fine, and if I'm honest I don't think I'd have noticed because it came pretty soon anyway!). Unfortunately, the type of ivy I'd ordered wasn't available in two quantities so she sent me one type I'd ordered and two new ones (including a free one). This was totally fine by me- I don't mind if my ivy doesn't match! In fact, I think it adds to the authenticity of the whole thing! I will show you when I finally get a move on and do it...it looks fiddly but I've been assured it leaves fantastic results! The shop also stocks an ivy cutter which is definitely useful!

Until next time!

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