Saturday, 16 July 2011

A different kind of miniature!

Hello again!

Has anybody seen Angie Dudley's 'Cake Pops' book? I got mine at Christmas from and it's fab!

The book is full of amazing things to bake and all very miniature, of course! Here's some examples of things I've made. (I didn't follow a project for these although were inspired by similar ones).

I made these ones for father's day and my dad loved them! The second cakes (below) were made for a birthday party:

Basically, you bake a standard cake and then once it's cooled, you crumble it into tiny pieces, like breadcrumbs. Then, it gets mixed with a frosting of your choice and it allows you to form little balls. They go in the freezer for 20 minutes to harden and then get dunked into melted chocolate. For the little cupcakes, I used a silicone mold with melted choccy (white, but dyed pink) and then once set, I peeled it away to leave a chocolate cake case! So everything you see is edible!

Sooo much fun! I can't recommend it enough (and I don't like cake!!!)



  1. Thank you, Jess, for your interest in my blog :). I will be back here every time you make a new post :).

  2. Yey! You're welcome! I shall look forward to hearing from you again!