Saturday, 16 July 2011

Made a start on the ivy!

Good afternoon, everyone! What a horrible, wet day it is here. To think, it's July!! Where's our summer?!

I made a start on the ivy and I'm pleased with the results. The lady from Templewood Miniatures sent me too different style ivys as she only had one pack of the original style and I ordered three. Although both are lovely, I think the newer style is more effective as ivy- the first looks more like a fern. This doesn't matter to me- my crumbling old house will have god knows what growing up the front so the more variation, the better I say!

Original Ivy:

For this ivy, you simply popped the whole piece out of the paper and glued the wire to it's back. I like it because you can't see the wire but the join where the second sheet of ivy meets is a little odd. I think I'm actually going to use some little leaves off the new ivy to disguise the join. Instead of using PVA glue, I used the glue spray left over from when I did the stencilling. I have no idea if it will work long term- but I will let you know!

New Ivy:

The newer type of ivy is very fiddly, as you can imagine! I do like the way you can do your own thing with it, though. It definitely allows for more freedom with how you wish your ivy to look.

You have to leave them to dry flat which they're currently doing (fingers crossed the glue works!)

Jess x

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