Sunday, 14 August 2011


Yey! I've hit 50 followers! Thank you so much for sticking around guys, and for the few that have joined since my last post! I'm so glad so many of you are enjoying what you're reading.

Since my last post, I transported my dolls house down to my grandparents as my Grandad is very interested in the house. I've been so busy at work (and I didn't think my DIY skills could stretch to it..) so Grandad very kindly did my coving and dado rail for me. And what an excellent job he has done!

He's left a gap at the top which will allow the stairs to slot in nicely:

As you can see, the close up has two little bits that have had to be cut from another piece as, rather typically, one piece wasn't quite long enough. It's hardly noticed when the stairs are in, though.

The dado rail needs to be amended to allow the stairs to sit flat against the wall- we (like that- 'we' haha) decided it would be easier to cut a little bit away once the stairs were put in properly.

Something I've also done in this house which I didn't in my Wentworth Court was to continue the wallpaper and details on to the door. I saw someone's dolls house done in this way once before and I thought it was a beautiful touch- it literally looked as though you'd opened the side of a real house.

As you can see, I'm still yet to add the skirting. I haven't actually stuck the skirting down yet as still working on the flooring. My fiance's dad works away a lot on business and every time he stops for coffee he grabs me a handful of stirers so I can create a wooden floor. Very nice of him :)

Almost finished one room! So excited to work on the next!

Jess x


  1. Your Grandad did an excellent work! You're lucky, my grandad would never do anything mini, he's not patient enough! ahah.
    An congrats for the 50 followers =)
    Have a great sunday! xx

  2. Congratulations for your 50 followers! Your dollhouse is being so beautiful, is a great thing that your grandad help you! you're a good team! regards