Monday, 23 May 2011


Good morning curiosity shoppers!

I have just received some gorgeous mouldings in the post from a lovely ebay seller called littlegreenworkshop. They have excellent feedback and I must say that their prices are a lot cheaper than other leading dolls house suppliers. They also have a website where you can buy miniatures from which is It's worth taking a look :)

I am going to post the pictures that they have used on Ebay because I couldn't do the mouldings justice on my little camera phone!

For the living room as pictured in the previous post, I have bought:

> Coving. Real wood, 18inches, £1.25 (!!)

> Dado rail. Real wood, 18inches, £1.20. Did you know that dado rails were invented to stop the backs of chairs from scuffing the wallpaper?

> And finally, skirting boards! Real wood, 18inches, £1.25!

Excellent prices and great delivery rates- I would recommend this seller! (I haven't been asked to, by the way! All opinions on here are totally mine! :D)

The 18inches of wood does mean, I'm afraid, that I'm going to be let loose with a hack saw....

More on this later!

Until next time,

Jess x


  1. Hey Jess, great blog, just found you! Really interesting seeing your house taking shape! Im sure it will be the first of many its soooo addictive! Loving seeing you do the stencilling. I did my Sid cooke house and hated it, did it far too think I think and it ran into all the lines so I had lots of area with no grout lines! I am to do my daughter Emilys castle next in the large stonework stencil and am not looking forward to it, but will try making the mix thicker! And practising on the back like you said! If it all goes well, knowing me Ill scrape off all my brickwork on my other house and try it again! IF it goes well! Looking forward to all your posts, good luck with your final days at Uni, shouldnt be too long now eh? My daughter finishes her first year soon. Kate xxx

  2. Hello Kate!

    Thank you very much for your kind comments. The stencilling certainly takes some practise- I have the excuse that I wanted my house to look old and crumbly haha. I am going to get some more compound and a new stencil for the slate on the roof which should really bring the house to life. I love your blog- I often have a look because you post such lovely photos! Take care, Jess xxxx