Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pretty walls!

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my newest followers: Ayamontinomaria, Angeles, Georgie Steeds and Angela Warwick! Thank you for stopping by!

The first room is officially wallpapered!

I love it! Bright, clashing prints, garish- what else could a late Victorian/early Edwardian home maker want? I'm actually going to buy some wood for the picture rail-at the moment it is just printed on. This room is the living/dining area in the 'house' part of the building. I'm also going to wallpaper the doors which open out the house because I think it looks really good. I've also seen dolls houses with picture frames on the opening doors and it looked lovely.

My wallpaper is from Jennifer's Printables (http://www.jennifersprintables.com/printables1.html) and I printed in on decent heavy paper, not card. I think card would work OK, but this has turned out fine and the ink hasn't run when I applied the wallpaper paste.

Sorry if the photo is a bit dark- I wanted to have the lights on in the room and it gets kinda lost when I put my flash on :)

As always, it didn't go without a hitch! For a start, I forgot to paint the ceiling, which I'm sure is going to be a barrel of laughs! (more on this later!). Also, for the wall on the right hand side of the pictures, I cut the sheet a couple of millimetres too short. Not wanting to waste another sheet, I simply cut a strip from the waste paper and stuck it along the bottom! haha! I've managed to match the pattern up so it's all good! Besides, the stairs cover most of that wall and who doesn't have a few cleverly placed photo frames in their dolls house? (or actual house for that matter!)

Until next time!


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